Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game Movie Review

The Generation of Miracles are reunited and fight together on the court with Kagami and Kuroko as Vorpal Swords. The dream team stand together against the famous street basketball team Jabberwock for a revenge game after Jabberwock insulted basketball in Japan when they crushed Japanese team Strky in an exhibition match. This is Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game.

The movie premiered in Philippine cinemas today through a fan screening by ODEX Private Limited at the SM Megamall. Here are my quick thoughts over the movie:

Do not be surprised if the movie opens with Kagami, more so if it ends with him too (or does it?). If there is one thing the series taught us, Kuroko is and will always be a shadow who supports the light. That is HIS basketball. This applies to the movie as well.

Nobody gets away with hurting Kuroko. Kagami and the Generation of Miracles made sure to settle things with Jabberwock on the court because that’s how Kuroko wanted it.

Every member of the Generation of Miracles has their moment to shine. Your favorite pairs like Aomine-Kise, Aomine-Kagami, even Midorima-Akashi also get a bit of the spotlight. Yes, you’ll see Takao getting jealous over that last one. Watch out for some comic relief as the team adjust their plays in working together. For solo moments, perhaps no one can rival Kise’s Perfect Copy + Zone combination. Of course, great power came with a time limit that Kise maximized until the last second. That took him out of the game earlier though. Murasakibara also stepped up his game and seemed to finally be enjoying a challenge until he was injured by Jabberwock’s Silver.

We have two farewells in the movie – Kagami who leaves for America to pursue his dream of being an NBA player and the other Akashi who disappears for good so Akashi can complete his Emperor Eye. We also have two Last Games – Jabberwock vs. Vorpal Swords and the Generation of Miracles vs. Seirin. The movie doesn’t show how the latter ends though. We finally have a touching last scene between Kagami and Kuroko at the airport that almost seemed like a confession. It was a bit sad when they raised their hands for a fist bump that didn’t bump in the end. However, while everyone may go their separate ways, they will always meet again if they keep playing the sport they loved. That’s what Akashi told us and we all know how he is absolute.

The Last Game movie makes a perfect culmination for Kuroko’s Basketball. Fans of the series should not miss it.

If you are curious about the merchandise that came with the fan screening, it was definitely worth the price. The 3 sets of keychains had adorable chibi versions of the Vorpal Swords team. We were not able to get the poster yet and the representatives from SM management said we will be contacted as soon as they become available. 

Kuroko’s Basketball Last Game movie adapts the Extra Game sequel manga. It lasts for about 1 hour and 25 minutes and will have its regular screening in SM Cinemas starting May 17.